So here we go…

Yeah, it’s a blog.   Obvious question, why?    Well, it basically goes back to a forum that I used to belong to (still do, actually, but the forum has effectively died), which was dedicated to discussing movies.   More specifically, mistakes found in movies, but we tended to stray off-topic on a regular basic, so we were quite lucky if we managed to stay within movies as an overall topic.

Anyway, I used to post reviews of movies that I’d seen on the forum, as did others, something that I haven’t bothered with lately because there’s nobody there to read them.   But I’ve had a couple of forum people mention on Facebook that they liked reading them and wished I continued.     I could just post reviews on Facebook, but as they had a tendency to get overly long, it seemed fairer to, rather than clutter up people’s timelines with lengthy blocks of text, to set up a blog where I can post the reviews, then drop links onto Facebook and let people choose whether to read them or not.   Seems reasonable, right?

With a secure knowledge of my own peculiarities, I can safely say that there’s zero chance that this will stick solely to movie reviews.   I’ve never seen a tangent that I didn’t like, so I’m sure things will veer off course and most likely sooner than later.   We’ll see.

With regard to comments, as the whole idea of this is really to act as a proxy for Facebook posts, I’ve disabled them (at least, I think I have – not sure about this blogging thing), so any comments can happily go on the Facebook post that I use to link to the blog post.   I may enable them again in the future, but, for now, Facebook can fill that particular niche.